Mission Statement
CPA's principal mission is both to serve as a platform for high quality empirical and qualitative research on vital public and foreign policy issues and as a catalyst for shaping the national discourse on important policy questions.

CPA is also committed to a systemic improvement of think tanks in India and buttressing their role as catalysts, watchdogs and forums for the development of creative inputs for enlightened socio-economic and foreign policies.

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    31, Dakshineshwar, 8th Floor
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  • Email: cpasind@yahoo.co.in

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Round Tables
Title: Tibet Studies: Tibetology in Asia Pacific Countries
Date: April 23
Venue: CPA Conference Room, 10 Hailey Road
Title: Reforming the MEA to cope with the Challenges of a Changing World
Date: July 2
Venue: CPA Conference Room, 10 Hailey Road
Title: The McCrystal Report: An Assessment
Date: October 26
Venue: CPA Conference Room, 10 Hailey Road